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Massage Therapy With an Osteopathic Approach

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What to Expect

Treatment begins with a complete health-history review and physical assessment. By combining these, we develop a treatment plan that best fits each patient’s needs.  


This personal plan guides the treatment which consists of a variety of manual therapy techniques including myofascial release, joint mobilization, visceral manipulation and cranial therapy.  To finish the treatment, I will provide specific exercises so the patient can continue progressing between sessions.        


Please bring comfortable and unrestrictive clothing to wear during your treatment.  

Receipts are billed as Massage Therapy and are eligible for reimbursement  through most health plans. 



Plus GST and eligible for reimbursement through most heath plans 

55 minute sessions 


Gerard Garnier

About Gerard 

3rd Year Student of Osteopathic Manual Practice,
Registered Massage Therapist 

I was born and raised in Canmore, Alberta, fortunate to have had the Rocky Mountains as my playground. From an early age, my family encouraged me to explore the outdoors, and appreciate nature. Thus began my love of sport, my interest in health, and my appreciation of all the amazing places my body could take me. I am constantly humbled by what our surroundings have to offer and what our bodies are capable of.

Cross country skiing was my passion growing up, and I trained and competed at an international level for many years. After my competitive ski career, I discovered new passions in rock climbing, mountain biking and ski touring. Through my love of sport, I became interested in learning about the human body. I realized how incredible, complex and fascinating our bodies are, which led me to pursue my education in Osteopathy.


Osteopathy resonates with my belief that our bodies have the innate ability to heal and thrive. I have come to understand my role is not to heal, but to set the stage for each patient’s body to reach these capabilities.

I am excited to be a part of the Whitehorse community, and enjoy all that the Yukon has to offer.


About Osteopathy 

Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT) is a holistic treatment based on the understanding that the body is not a collection of parts, but a complicated and integrated system. OMT seeks to identify and treat the causes instead of chasing symptoms.

OMT uses a variety of non-invasive techniques to improve health issues. 


Please note, Gerard is currently a student of Osteopathic

Manual Practice and does not claim to be performing




Learn more about Osteopathy


Get In Touch 

Online Bookings are available at

(403) 688 4656

4137 C, 4th Ave. 

Whitehorse, Yukon, 

(Located within Whitehorse Osteopathy, located above Well Read Books) 

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